Your Bed Position May be the Cause of your Depression

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Are You Depressed Or Unhappy — What Is The Difference?

Because most people get depressed from time to time, there is that eternal question if depression is a real illness. The answer is: Yes. 

A little anxiety is not a bad thing. It helps protect you from harm or potential danger, real or imagined, like other emotions. Human beings are the most fascinating and intriguing creatures on earth. Do you know the difference between being depressed or just sad? I really think most people know the difference. The most pronounced reason why we dominate the animal kingdom is because of the way the human brain functions. One of the most distinctive features of the human being is the ability to have feelings. Although we do not necessarily conclude that animals do not have feelings, as evidenced through research on the way they react to certain situations, human feelings have the depth and significance that go far beyond what animals can attain.

Depression is something that affects most people around the world from time to time and can be very hard to deal with. It is normal to feel sad from time to time. Everyone somewhere, sometime in lives will experience sadness. Sadness is a natural reaction to something painful which has happened. Depression is more extreme. The difference between sadness and depression is a person experiencing feelings which they find upsetting can logically tell you what it is that is causing the unhappiness, whereas a person suffering from depression can not necessarily do so. People suffering from sadness know their feelings will begin to heal over a period of time. A person suffering from depression will usually get worse and do not see an end to the situation.

Depression can last for weeks, months or years. It is not something that a person can merely ‘snap out of,’ much as they wish they could….

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After diagnosing and in practicing the control of depression you will learn more about yourself than you ever have before in your life. From the psychological or psychiatric standpoint there will be a need to delve into the cause of your depression. Sometimes just understanding you are not able to handle a stressful situation or are not emotionally adapt at recovering from a relationship gone sour is enough to understand where depression begins.

Within the varying degrees of suffrage due to depression the extremes can be mind-boggling. There are people that cannot get out of bed or produce one happy or hopeful thought for months at a time. These episodes debilitate your social life and can even erode your personal life. If there are spouses, children, or parents who care about the person that suffers they can be directly or indirectly affected by the depression also.

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Then there are the people that grow more than melancholy on occasion. Perhaps your life is merely temporarily off track, too many responsibilities have been laid at your feet, or you have experienced a devastating loss. These are elements that can cause a mild depression.

This medical condition that affects the mind can have lasting effects such as a feeling of hopelessness, lack of ambition and an inability to focus. Depression can affect all age groups and genders, but is more prevalent in women. If a person gets depressed for the first time, there is a 50 percent chance that he will fall to the same predicament again. And come the second time, there is the threat that he will go into a third depressing episode. Depression is a real illness as it involves the mental, emotional and even physical faculties of the person. It is not just a transient sad feeling that will go away when one wills it to. There are symptoms and signs as well as corresponding treatment. If not handled properly and immediately, it may escalate to worse conditions. Like any other illness, depression has also variations.

There are three types of depressive disorders: major depressive disorder, bipolar disorder and dysthymic disorder.

Your depression may be related to the position of your bed room in a subtle way which our modern mind is unable to comprehend. In Vastu Shastra or Alchemy of Space The zone of Depression, Detoxication, Weeping is the WEST NORTH WEST (WNW ) zone. If this zone is not balanced in your living space it will cause increased blood pressure, depression and unnecessary tensions. There should not be a bedroom in this zone. If houses/homes are constructed according to the principles of Vastu Shastra then we can easily find the solutions to your problems due to the balanced universal energies in your living space. 

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Case studies have confirmed that, the main reason of malfunctioning of Thyroid Gland is due to imbalanced West North West zone. 

If there is a bedroom in this zone then the person sleeping in this zone definitely have thyroid issue. The energy of this zone is to release the blockage and bring back life into a normal state. So there should not be a storage/store room also in this zone as the space will tend to store all the emotions and mental fatigue. In ancient time this place is used for making room for weeping called as KOP BHAVAN for detoxification and releasing mental/ emotional fatigue. Keeping a dustbin or having bathroom here is good.

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