Vastu Tips For Pregnant Women

Time is a finite resource. All living things in nature are created, developed, and eventually destroyed over time. Time has its own characteristics. Nature’s womb contains creative, protecting, and destructive powers.

Pregnancy is yet another facet of life’s formation, bestowing the self as the recipient. The universal vitality is obtaining the child as an auspicious force. Pregnancy and reproduction are necessary aspects of life without which the planet would not exist.

Pregnancy is a magnificent condition of being that separates man from woman, a daughter from her mother, and marks the start of a wonderful new relationship. Women are in a unique position. A relationship formed and nourished for a lifetime, a heartbeat within a heartbeat, a life within a life.

Vaastu incorporates the participation of many natural forces while aggregating the five elements and aims to maintain harmony as these elements impact and conduct the lifestyles of all living beings.

As a result, the five components have an impact on our actions, luck, behavior, and other aspects of life. Pregnancy is a life-changing event that also happens to be one of the most important stages in a woman’s life. It is critical for women to have positive energy when they are pregnant or trying to conceive.

In this post, I’ve tried to emphasize the relevance of Vastu in pregnancy and how Vaastu Shastra can assist expectant moms in giving birth to a healthy kid. Pregnant women must consider several important Vaastu concepts in order to give birth to their child on time and prevent unneeded complications.

Can pregnant women sleep in North East?

According to Vastu specialists, sleeping in a room facing the northwest or northeast can result in miscarriages; therefore, if a woman is pregnant, she should avoid sleeping in this direction. Position your bed in your room so that it faces southwest, and you should sleep with your head facing south.

Vastu tips for bedroom to get pregnant

Women’s lives are transformed during their pregnancies as they embark on a journey towards motherhood and family with their partners. Many couples, however, are having difficulty conceiving because of female infertility or circumstances that contribute to male infertility. Even if the medical cause of infertility is known (unexplained infertility), the worst-case scenario is when even the doctor is left to fumble around in the dark. 

During such trying times, it is only natural to turn to our ancient disciplines for comfort, such as Vastu, astrology, energy healing, and crystal therapy, among other things. Mrs. Prragya Mishra, a Vastu specialist who has helped many couples overcome their infertility issues, has provided the following 20 Vastu guidelines for infertility correction. In order to share her knowledge with you, she has created this essay.

20 Vastu Tips To Overcome Infertility

  • You must have a photo of a happy baby in your room at all times.
  • Please do not rest your head under the beam!
  • Choose a southwest-facing master bedroom since this orientation will increase your chances of experiencing romance and fertility in your life.
  • Maintain your gaze in the direction of the south.
  • In your bedroom, hang a laughing Buddha with babies on the wall.
  • Plant a few fruit trees in your backyard and garden that face south-western direction.
  • You should avoid doing any building or renovation work in your home while you are trying to get pregnant.
  • Maintain the cleanliness of your main entrance door on a regular basis.
  • Remove any and all items that could become a stumbling block to your primary entrance door.
  • Improve the look of the west corner of your bedroom.
  • Elephants are associated with pregnancy, therefore hang a pair of elephant photos with their trunks down in your bedroom to remind you of this.
  • Remove any and all junk from beneath the bed.
  • Metal decorative items can be used to enhance the look of your west or northwest area.
  • Fresh flowers should be placed in your bedroom to increase the pleasant energy in the space.
  • Possessing a pomegranate picture or symbol in your bedroom will increase your chances of becoming pregnant.
  • You should avoid putting any water bodies in your bedroom.
  • In your bedroom, avoid bringing any indoor plants in.
  • In the children’s play area, hang a crystal (west direction)
  • Light colours should be used in your bedroom.
  • You should move your bedroom if it is in the southeast direction. Otherwise, move it to the southwest or northwest.

Vaastu Tips for Pregnant Women

Allowing a pregnant woman to remain in a dark room or in a dark environment is never a good idea; always make sure there is enough light around her. While sleeping, a pregnant woman should sleep with her head to the south and her legs to the north. Extreme caution should be exercised to ensure that a pregnant woman’s feelings are never damaged.

  • If you want to have a stress-free pregnancy, sleep in the southwest direction in your bedroom.
  • It is recommended that pregnant women avoid using electrical devices such as computer sets, such as televisions and radios.
  • Women who are expecting a child should never sleep in the northern room.
  • Pregnant women should prefer to sleep with their heads pointing in the direction of the south.
  • Pregnant women should avoid living in a room facing the southeast direction.
  • In the bedroom of expectant mothers, images of lovely and healthy children should be hung.

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