Vastu In South East: Everything You Need To Know

Vastu is widely accepted in Indian culture, especially when it comes to house placement. Nowadays, most properties are built using Vastu principles. But while building your dream house, you may need help. And if you’re thinking of making a room for your bachelor daughter in the South-East, you may find this article extremely helpful. Here you’ll get to know whether a South-East room for an unmarried girl is appropriate or not.

What Vastu Means and Why It Is Important

Vastu or Vastu Shastra is an ancient cultural tradition of India. For ages, people have considered Vastu a major thing, especially for making and designing houses. If we dive deep into it, Vastu Shastra (or “architecture science”) are scriptures on the primeval Indian architectural system. These books contain information and guidelines about the basics of design or structure, layout, space arrangement, ground preparation, and spatial geometry. Using geometric patterns, symmetry, and directional alignments, the designs strive to combine architecture with nature, the relative functions of various sections of the structure, and ancient beliefs.

Importance of Vastu Shastra

Vastu is important in our lives as you can make use of Vastu to help yourself feel better. Although grief and pain are unavoidable, one may always find a way to deal with them and be soothed. Vastu has an effect on the way things are constructed. It can influence strong and long-lasting constructions. It’s a spiritual lesson that may teach people a lot about their strength and how to improve it.

Because Vastu Shastra is an architectural idea, it can assist in making the most of their space. The room placements will be ideal, allowing you to make use of natural elements to the fullest. A decent house meets the requirements of the members who will be living there.

You can also use Vastu to improve your relationships with others near you. Vastu encourages inner quiet and harmony, as well as constructive relationships among those who live within the structure. People’s ideas and curiosity about spirituality can both benefit from Vastu Shastra. It can assist people in realizing their desire for something greater within themselves, such as life, death, and so on. These are the three main pillars on which one must rely while attempting to determine what one’s inner self should be.

Vastu for Home

While buying or building a new home we should maintain Vastu rules for a better and healthier life ahead. The primary entrance of your home should face north, east, or northeast, according to Vastu’s suggestions for new homes. It must be constructed so that when you go outside, you are facing north, east, or northeast. Ensure that the plan concentrates on these specific directions before buying or developing a property.

Your new home’s front or living room must face east, north, or northeast. In addition, keep the decor in the space in the southwest or west. This will protect your house from having any Vastu dosh. You should build the bedrooms in the direction of the southwest to gain better health and happy relationships.

Saral Vastu says the kitchen should be built in the southeast corner. Experts gradually advise avoiding the north-east, north, and south-west zones when designing a kitchen. Kitchen accessories should face southeast.

Enter an empty house before performing all ceremonies, according to Vastu for House. Only the gas or stove should be introduced into the kitchen at that point. When you initially walk in, crack a coconut on the sill and enter the house with your right foot first. Remember, Havan needs to be performed properly to pray to Lord Ganesha.

Southeast Bedroom for Unmarried Girl: According to Vastu 

A southeast-facing bedroom can damage your health. In general, new-home builders avoid bedrooms facing that direction.. Getting a bedroom in the Southeastern direction creates an uncomfortable situation for husband and wife. The bedroom that is in this direction often raises a person’s rage. Furthermore, sleeping with your head turned to the southeast produces a slew of issues. To begin with, it harms the individual’s health.

A person who sleeps in the southeast direction may be irritable all of the time. Vastu Shastra for homes associates it with the fire element.. Falling asleep with your head towards the southeast direction might lead to health problems like diabetes and hypertension.  So, we should avoid making the bedroom in this style. Put your head towards the west or north direction while sleeping.

Sleeping with your head in either of these positions might cause tension. As a consequence, sleep with your head towards the south or sleep with your head towards the east. It promotes a restful night’s sleep and keeps the brain positive. It also provides sweetness to relationships.

How South-East Corner Can Be Used

The nature of the Southeast direction is similar to that of a well-wisher who is exceedingly sensitive and angry. The Hindu god of fire, Agni Dev, owns the direction of the Southeast. Shukra (Venus) is the planet that represents this direction.

When the Sun, which gives life to the world, travels in this direction, it is in an angry attitude. The sun emits infrared rays when it reaches the Southeast. This is the Lord Sun’s hottest location/phase. This heat is compared to a fire. Southeast is always used to fight fires. Fire is extremely powerful and contains several anti-elements such as water and air. As a result, be cautious when placing the other pieces around the fire. It’s a fine line to walk when it comes to the Southeast facing house Vastu.

In this direction, you can place fire-related devices. You can put the kitchen, puja room, or study room in the Southeast direction, but not the bedroom. This is not a good spot to put above tanks. Avoid putting a mirror in the same direction as well. Besides that, water slopes should not be placed in the Southeast too. It’s also a bad idea to put a building’s primary entrance at the Southeast corner.

Ideal Bedroom Direction for Unmarried Girls

For parents, the delay and issues in marriage for marriageable girls are a major source of stress. It’s important to double-check the girl’s room; it shouldn’t be in the building’s southwestern and southeastern corners. The southwestern zones provide stability in the home and prevent the daughter from simply marrying. The nicest locations of the home are the northwestern corners; if this is not accessible, the extreme western side is good.

Groundwater tanks on the southwestern flanks of the structures are a major cause of wedding delays. Another reason for delay and obstacle in the marital link is elevations with lower and lighter southwest. Unmarried girls should avoid using the southwest corner of the property as a bedroom.

Vastu for Master-Bedroom

Niriti, a demon, is the owner of this direction. Rahu is the planet that corresponds to the Southwest. Magnetic energy flows from the northeast, which is the strongest direction in the plot. The proper application of Southwest results in a vigorous and healthy existence. It can provide you with self-assurance, money, and good health. Southwest can bring you fame and fortune in life. If not built correctly, it can cause a lot of problems for the occupants.

The one and only area where the master bedroom must be built is towards the ‘South-West’ of the home, according to ‘Vastu Shastra’ specialists. Please ensure that the door to the master bedroom opens at a 90-degree angle. The door should also open smoothly and without making any squeaky noises. Also, the bed should never face the door. 

One should sleep with their head pointing east or south. This will allow you to sleep soundly. The notion of ‘Vastu Shastra’ is based totally on the movement of cosmic energy in space to improve living conditions. These excellent Vastu recommendations can assist you in feeling the pleasant energy in your home.


Hence, abide by the Vastu guidelines while buying or building a new residence. It’s difficult to elaborate on the Vastu of the entire house within the span of this article. It’s vast. But if you were finding the right Vastu tips to make your unmarried daughter’s bedroom, hopefully, you have got the specific information that you were searching for. 

To sum it up in a nutshell, the Southeast is not at all a good choice to make a bedroom for your unmarried girl. Rather, you can make the bedroom on the Northwestern or extreme western side. Moreover, we also tried to briefly discuss the Southeast side: what should you keep there, what not, etc. Wish you a happy and prosperous life ahead!

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