Mirror Position In Bedroom According To Vastu

Vastu Shastra places a high value on the use of mirrors since they have the ability to generate positive energies in a space. The perfect placement of a mirror in your home according to Vastu principles will provide you good prosperity, health, and pleasure. As a result, it is critical that the mirror is installed in the proper location. Consider some Vastu guidelines for placing mirrors in the proper locations in one’s home. Also, be aware of the best location for the mirror in your bedroom.

Mirror position according to Vastu.

If you want a dressing table with a mirror in your bedroom, make sure it doesn’t face north or east and doesn’t face the bed or reflect the person on it. When not in use, hide the mirror in a wardrobe or cover it with a cloth. According to Vastu, a mirror should not reflect the bedroom’s entrance.

Mirror shape according to Vastu.

In accordance with Vastu Shastra, mirrors in the shapes of squares and rectangles are believed to be fortunate. As a result, you should choose a rectangular or square-shaped mirror rather than an oval or circular mirror when purchasing a mirror.

Size of the mirror according to Vastu.

When it comes to mirrors, there are no size constraints according to Vastu principles. You are free to choose any size that would enhance the aesthetics of your home. You should only purchase mirrors that are rectangle or square in shape, regardless of their size.

Mirrors are good for wealth and happiness.

As a Vastu item, it channels beneficial energy into the home. It energizes the whole house if it reflects sunshine.

The north is the direction of Lord Kuber, the lord of wealth, and a mirror placed there reflects beneficial energy. Vastu also advises a mirror in front of the locker. This increases profits. If the locker is inside the cupboard, install a mirror inside the door.

A narrow staircase might limit income and fortune luck. A mirror on a narrow staircase or even at the landing generates positive energy. Install a full-length mirror to let good luck energies go up.

Positive effects of mirrors.

Given its Vastu significance, it channels positive energy into the home’s surroundings, so enhancing its overall appearance. The entire house becomes more energetic, especially if the window is reflective of the sun.

Negativity can be deflected by using mirrors.

As well as giving optimism, it has the additional capability of removing bad energy from the surrounding area by absorbing it at the same time. Mirrors, according to popular belief, absorb the negative energies of the Vastu doshas in their surroundings.

According to Vastu, the direction of the mirror is very essential in keeping negativity at bay. Install a mirror in your home in such a way that it deflects any negative energy that is perceived to be coming through it.

Reflection in mirrors.

Assuming you have a wonderful view outside your home, make sure you set the mirror such that it reflects the view in the mirror’s image. Place it in such a way that it reflects light and energizes the area around it to maximize its effectiveness. The placement of a mirror in terms of Vastu is quite important, which is why you should never put a mirror in front of your bed. It is possible to get nightmares if you do this!

Vastu specifies the height of the mirror.

Place the mirrors at a height of four to five feet above the floor, which is the proper height for them. It is usually preferable to hang the mirror rather than placing it on the floor or on a table. Furthermore, avoid placing a mirror near the study table at any time.

It has the ability to produce visual extension.

Some directional orientations regard any cut in a specific corner or direction of the dwelling to be a Vastu fault, while others consider it to be a blessing. In such a situation, placing two mirrors at the end of the area produces a visible extension, which improves the Vastu of the home.

Negative effects of mirrors

Some directional orientations regard any cut in a certain corner or direction of the home to be a Vastu fault, while others do not. Two mirrors at the end of a long room generate a visible extension and improve the Vastu of a home, which is beneficial.

The television screen or computer screen serves as a substitute for glass.

The presence of television and computer screens in the room serves as mirrors, interfering with sleep and causing insomnia. It’s important to remember to cover them at night or when not in use. Uncovered monitors or television screens have a tendency to make people feel drowsy.

The placement of a mirror in front of the bed is not ideal.

A mirror that reflects the bed causes health problems for those who sleep in it. Couples who are planning to have a child must deal with challenges such as infertility and miscarriage.

The beds have mirrors on them.

Some designer beds have mirrors built into them, usually on the headrest, and this is quite dangerous. The presence of mirrors in beds causes unrest among those who sleep there.

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