Master Bedroom Vastu For East Facing House

In east-facing residences, the master bedroom should be designed to face southwest. The master bedroom should always be larger than the rest of the home’s rooms. According to Vastu, the best spot to put the bed is against the south or west wall of the room, with the head facing south or west and the legs facing north or east. The west or north side of the master bedroom is the greatest location for a changing room. In addition, the restroom should not be directly facing the bed, and the bathroom door must be kept shut at all times.

Master Bedroom Vastu For West Facing House

According to Vastu, the optimal location for your Master Bedroom is in the southwest region of your home, also known as the Kubera Moola. The South has the second-best position, and the West has the third-best position. If your bedroom is located in the west, attempt to incorporate a tiny slope or decrease in the room that leads to the northeast direction.

Master Bedroom Vastu For North Facing House

Master bedrooms should face southwest, with their doors facing north, west, or east walls to maximize natural light. Avoid traveling towards the southeast direction, which is ruled by Agni, as this could result in disagreements and misunderstandings with others.

Whenever possible, place the bed to the south or east of the door when entering and leaving the room.

Master Bedroom Vastu For South Facing House

Ideally, the master bedroom should be positioned in the southwest corner of the home, as this is associated with good health, longevity, and prosperity in the Hindu tradition. Bedrooms in the southeast or northeast corners should be avoided at all costs because they can cause health problems and domestic disputes.

Direction Of Bed According To Vastu

Do you have sleep problems? Simply by using Vastu for the bed, whether in terms of the bed’s positioning or your sleeping posture, you may create a harmonious and cheerful environment not only in your bedroom but also in your personal and professional life.

Ideal Bed Position As Per Vastu

The position of your bed will have an impact on your overall quality of sleep as well as the health of you and your loved ones, so choose carefully. Consequently, according to Vastu, the optimum bed position should be such that the head is oriented towards the south or east.. Make certain that your bed has a headrest at all times and that it is only of a normal rectangle or square design.

Orientation of the bed Vastu, A common rectangular-shaped bed headrest that is positioned in either the south or east direction.

According to Vastu experts, a rectangle or square-shaped bed with a headrest is regarded as fortunate in terms of placement.

In any modern Indian home, you’ll frequently find that the bed is set with the headboard against the main wall of the bedroom, as is customary. Keep in mind, however, that it should not be put in a corner or immediately under a beam, as this will prevent the free passage of energy and cosmic vibrations throughout the space. As an alternative, you can position the bed in the center of the wall to allow you to walk freely throughout the room while maintaining a four-inch space between the bed and the wall.

It is preferable to have the bed in your master bedroom or guest bedroom with the head towards the west or south so that your legs point in the east or north when you lie down when you are lying down.

In which direction should we sleep with our heads?

The position of your head while sleeping has an impact on many elements of your life (career, job, health, etc.). As a result, it’s critical that you decide the proper bed direction according to Vastu. To assess your entire well-being, each Vastu technique is based on the interaction between the ‘Panch Bhutas’ (five major elements of nature: water, fire, earth, space, and air) and the four main directions (north, east, west, and south). Even when it comes to your sleeping direction, this is true.

Placement of the bed Vastu, or direction, is a Hindu concept. For a special benefit, sleep with your head pointed south and your legs pointing north.

To get a good night’s sleep, keep your head looking south and your legs pointing north.

With the exception of the north, each sleeping direction has its own set of advantages:

Head toward the south

It is the ideal sleeping direction and is widely suggested by Vastu experts for those in the professional or business field since it brings good health, quality sleep, opulence, and success, minimizes the danger of heart disease, and increases productivity and decision-making capacity.

Head toward the east: 

It is the second-best sleeping direction for students, teachers, and individuals who work since it promotes good health, improves focus and memory, and opens up new employment chances. It is also highly recommended for a child’s room, for people just starting out in their jobs, and for those who are spiritually oriented.

Head toward the west: 

If the bed cannot be positioned in the south or east, this is the next best and most neutral alternative. It may cause you to miss out on excellent sleep, postpone appointments for the next day, and prevent you from reaching your full potential at work. On the plus side, it has the potential to increase your renown, reputation, and wealth in your endeavors.

In the diagonal/corner axis, place your head: 

If you’re following the diagonal bedroom directions, sleep in the southeast or southwest. If the above is not possible, you can sleep in the northwest, which is considered a neutral sleeping position by Vastu experts.

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