How To Remove Vastu Dosh From The Office?

What a significant role does the workplace play in our life, don’t you think? It is, in a sense, the lifeblood of our organization. The chance for achievement, progress, and of course enjoyment are all there for taking advantage of. Almost every office or workplace has an atmosphere of tension permeating the air around the building. The office, or our place of employment, is one of the most significant locations in our lives, and it should be filled with good energy. Vastu Shastra solutions for the workplace might assist you in reducing negative energy.

You will be able to eliminate Vastu faults from your workplace in a smooth way if you follow the advice and solutions provided here. According to Vastu Shastra, each of the orientations in the workplace is connected with a certain set of characteristics. Also included is an example of how each directive should be carried out in the workplace. As a result, it is essential that you be aware of the Vastu remedies for offices in order to grow your company to new heights.

But, before we get into the specifics of these cures, it’s important to understand the science of Vastu.

What is Vastu Methodology?

It is an ancient Indian science that is similar to the Chinese approach of Feng Shui in that it is based on the placement of objects in space. Vastu science portrays the proper technique to construct buildings such as houses, offices, temples, and other comparable constructions, among other things. We may even pick the color of our workplace walls based on Vastu principles. In order to provide harmony to the general surroundings and make the ambiance serene, this science must be practiced in order to usher in wealth and riches.

The idea of Vastu Science is based on the notion that the whole world is made up of five fundamental elements, namely water, air, fire, space, and Earth, each of which has its own unique properties. This group of elements is said to be rich in energy, which should be channeled in the appropriate way. It is critical for the elimination of Vastu dosh from an office space that these energies be in harmony.

Here are some Vastu cures for the workplace that you should consider.

In the workplace, there is a lot of negativity or unpleasant feelings.

We might get melancholy and receive negative vibrations from time to time as a result of the actions of others or the unpleasant atmosphere in the workplace. In this case, there is a risk of decreased production, decreased mood, and decreased concentration among the employees.

If you find yourself in this predicament at work, one of the Vastu Shastra cures is to hang a painting of the Sun in the office’s east direction, which will help to filter out any negativity from the environment.

Main Entrance

Ideally, there should be no obstructions or congestion at the main entrance to the workplace, according to the consensus. A bright and fragrant atmosphere should be created for the participants. There are several instances when a pillar or a tree may be present at the front entryway.

In order to eliminate this Vastu dosh from your workplace, you need to arrange two copper pyramids in the form of swastikas in front of the obstruction.

You may also insert a basil plant between the pillar and the main entryway to provide some color. Another option is to wrap a copper wire around the pillar or the tree to prevent it from falling down.

Inaccuracies in the office’s kitchen pantry

Some problems may exist in the Pantry or the Kitchen, such as the fact that the stove and sink are located quite close to one another. The gas range or stove should not be installed in the northeast corner of the kitchen, and the sink should not be installed in the southeast corner of the kitchen. The placement of a Copper Swastika (behind the gas/oven) and a pyramid constructed of Shriparni wood in the workplace can correct these deficiencies according to Vastu Shastra (close to sink).

Master Cabin

Natural crystal rock should be put at the south-west corner of the main cabin in order to increase the efficiency of the Earth element’s influence. It is not recommended to utilise water elements in this cabin. In order to receive healing energy, a Vastu energy plate should be put underneath the seat.

Missing corner

If the southwest corner or cut is not there, a lead metal Helix should be mounted on the wall in its stead. If you are able to place a lead pyramid, it will have a greater effect. It is recommended that you place the citrine rock at the southwest corner of your home in order to boost the Earth’s energy there. If the water element is lacking in the northeast corner, a marble water pot may be used to fill the void.


Alternatively, if the toilet is next to the kitchen’s wall, pyramid strips should be hidden or mounted to the shared wall. It is also considered a serious Vastu flaw if the toilet bowl is located either east or west of the toilet. Placing three Vastu strips on the toilet door would help to eliminate this Vastu dosh from the workplace. If the wall between the toilet and the temple chamber is the same, this is said to as a serious Vastu problem. In order to correct the situation, you need to install a Vastu energy plate on the backside of the temple’s wall.

Office color according to Vastu

Vastu specifies principles for choosing office colors. Colors for a small workplace should be light, pastel, and neutral, whereas a big office may utilize bold colors. Color selection errors might have devastating consequences.

East-west facing office Vastu defects

Additionally, those who work in the same department should be seated in a manner that is consistent with the placement of different rooms and locations across the workplace. Accounting professionals, for example, should be seated in such a manner that they are facing northeast.

There may have been mistakes made during the construction of the workplace, but Vastu Dosh solutions for offices are available to fix the issue! If you are experiencing similar problems at your workplace, then use the cures listed above and wave goodbye to any bad vibes.

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