How To Check Bedroom Vastu Yourself?

You’ve probably met a number of folks that adhere to Vastu Shastra’s ideas. Vastu, they claim, may help you optimize your living space and life while also keeping you positive. Even those who don’t believe in Vastu Shastra tend to follow them once they see the benefits of it.

Your bedroom is one of the most significant personal places in your home. Let’s look at how Vastu may transform it into a restful, relaxing, and rejuvenating environment.

The direction of the bedroom as per Vastu

We effectively spent 1/3rd our life sleeping for at least 6 to 8hrs per day.

A bedroom in the north is also thought to be lucky for everyone. It is especially advantageous for young students seeking employment or entrepreneurial prospects. A bedroom in the east will provide them with a sharp mind and aid their academic success.

The shape of the bed should always be rectangular or square. Avoid beds that are circular or oval in shape. According to Vastu, instead of two single mattresses, your double bed should have a single (double-sized) mattress. Make sure the bed is made of wood as well.

Never put your bedroom in the middle of the home. That is where the ‘Brahmasthan,’ or source of energy, is located. The center has a continual vibrating force, which is incompatible with the bedroom’s primary role of rest.

According to Vastu, 16 zones or directions are present. Based on the zone’s attribute where the bedroom is present you will face the zonal attribute in your life.

According to Vastu, who should sleep in the master bedroom?

According to Vastu principles, the master bedroom should be reserved for the earning member of the family only. A regular-shaped bedroom is preferable to a fancy one.

What color should I paint my bedroom?

While colors enhance our world, they also have an impact on our mood, health, and overall happiness.

Paint your bedroom in off-white, or cream colors. Avoid dark colors. According to Vastu, the bedroom of a newlywed couple should be decorated in soft colors such as pink, pale blue, or soothing yellow to encourage fertility. Add a small touch of red because it symbolizes passion, but avoid using it excessively because it symbolizes fire and may produce temperamental issues in some people.

Use the color green (which indicates growth) or yellow to decorate the children’s bedroom (for happiness and aiding studies). Dark colors such as black, dark blue, should be avoided in children’s bedrooms. One can choose from a variety of bright colors such as light blue, yellow, orange, and even purple and green tones. In general, avoid using too many colors because this might lead to confusion and attention. The ideal solution for the color of a bedroom is to choose the color of the bedroom based on the zone where it is present.

Vastu for the ceilings of bedrooms

The height of the bedroom ceiling should be at least 10 feet; nevertheless, it should not be too low, as this can result in poor air circulation in the space below. False ceiling designs that are asymmetrical or that have pointy triangles dangling from the false ceiling should be avoided since they might induce mental stress and sleepiness. A ceiling that is higher in the middle and descends at the corners is a good design practice.

Don’t use mirrors on ceiling designs since they have the potential to reflect the bed below. According to Vastu principles, the ceiling should be painted white or any light color to draw positive energy and promote serenity. The pro tip here is to choose the shapes based on the zone where the bedroom is located while doing the false ceiling. This will also help to use the shape and color of your ceiling based on the zone where the bedroom is located.

Vastu for a shared bathroom and bedroom

Because of the convenience and space limits of modern apartments and residences, toilets and baths are frequently located adjacent to the bedroom. According to Vastu principles, a bathroom facing the wrong way can cause health and financial issues for the family. In Vastu, if the bathroom is adjacent to the bedroom, the bedroom or master bedroom should be located in the South-West direction of the home; the other appropriate directions are the South or West, according to Vastu.

It is important to remember to keep the bathroom door closed because an open bathroom door might have a negative impact on the atmosphere of the bedroom. According to Vastu principles, it is best to treat/block the bathrooms in the positive zone of a house. The bathroom in the northeast zone is a strict no according to Vastu. There is no solution for the northeast toilet.

A. Vastu-compliant bedroom orientation

  • Locate the master bedroom in the home’s southwest zone. It facilitates good health, longevity, and prosperity. The other point to be considered is, the bedroom should be selected based on the person who is going to use it. Select the zone/direction of the bedroom based on the person’s choice.
  • Avoid placing bedrooms in the south-east or north-east corners. They might cause health problems and domestic strife.

B. Vastu-compliant bed direction, shape, and position

  • Place the bed at the southwest corner of the room. Make sure your head is in the south when you’re sleeping. This is how your body absorbs positive energy. According to Vastu, sleeping with your head in the north is a no-no.
  • It is suggested that the bed be built of wood and formed in either a square or rectangle shape.
  • Avoid putting the bed precisely beneath a beam. 
  • According to vastu there are 16 zones/directions , so make sure the bed should be placed in a positive zone.

C. Wardrobes, dressers, and mirrors

  • Place the wardrobes at the southwest corner of the bedroom if possible.
  • In the bedroom, mirrors should not face the bed. According to Vastu, having a mirror of your sleeping self is not deemed fortunate. Mirrors look great on the western, northern or eastern walls.
  • Keep your treasures facing north, as this is where Kuber, the Lord of Wealth, lives.
  • Do you have a mirror on your dresser? Instead of facing the bed, place the dresser next to it.
  • Declutter your bedroom and only keep objects that will benefit you. If your bed has a storage option, fill it with necessary items (as well as those that bring back joyful memories) so you can get a good night’s sleep.

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