Effective Solutions For Vastu Dosh

Vastu Shastra places a strong emphasis on the need of following instructions. Making sure that the correct things are going in the proper direction produces favorable consequences. However, if a home’s Vastu is flawed, the effects will be felt by all members of the household. According to Vastu Shastra, a flaw in the southeast direction can lead to frequent accidents.  Its consequences are deadly. Those who live in this area where the fire element of the home is not balanced may suffer severe losses. As a result, be aware of the methods for correcting this problem as soon as possible.

Here are the solutions

  • Heart attacks, road accidents, etc are more likely to occur if the main door is not in the right direction. As per Vastu there are 32 entrances and each having their independent effects. So, when building a new home or renting one, check the main entrance. 
  • A well in the north-east corner of the house should be avoided. You can consult a Vastu expert who can identify all Marma Points and advise you accordingly. 
  • A house with a misplaced main gate can also cause problems for its occupants. 
  • If there is an imbalance in the five elements in a particular living area then it can cause different diseases. It is important to properly place an overhead water tank, boring, entrance, and many other things in a living space.

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