Best Vastu colors for home: Complete Vastu color guide for every room of your home

Vastu, the ancient Indian system of architecture is a system that brings life to the structure by balancing the five elements. If you construct and decorate your home according to Vastu, it will bring peace and joy to your life. In this article, we will best Vastu colors for home so, keep reading.

But if you are already settled in a preconstructed home and now it is impossible for you to restructure it due to any reason, you can still paint your home with the best colors according to Vastu and get the same benefit. 

What are the best home colors according to Vastu?

Vastu specifies different colors for every room in the house. Additionally, the structure of the house affects which colors will work in which room. 

Our homes are filled with colors as we are with happiness. Our homes, which hold most of our most precious moments, should be filled with specific colors based on five elements. The colors we use in our homes are mainly a reflection of our preferences, but there is also a deeper meaning behind them. Do you ever wonder why a well-colored environment makes you feel better? From meditation centers to art galleries, the colors there always make you feel welcome. Something is refreshing about them. The colors contribute significantly to our overall mood structure. It is interesting to note that different colors have distinct natures and effects, as some colors enliven your day, while others make it gloomy.

Understanding the meaning and impact of specific colors is essential before splashing them over your halls and walls. While talking about homes and colors, there cannot be a better guide than Vastu Shastra. Vastu Shastra helps understand the impacts of directions and formats of houses and the colors we paint them. Considering Vastu Shastra as a crucial guide here, we can delve right away into the effect of colors in distinct parts of your homes and how you can benefit from a change.

Which color is best for houses as per Vastu Shastra?

Our house is where we spend most of our time; it has to be beautiful and has good energy. We never think, but colors also play to good or bad energy common. So let’s get to know which has to be in which room.

Master bedroom color according to Vastu Shastra

The master bedroom should preferably be southwest and painted in light or earthy hues such as cream, off-white. Earthy hues help us get a relaxed and peaceful mindset. 

You can also paint your walls white and keep your furniture colors also in neutral colors. Newly married couples should paint their bedrooms in pale pink or light red colors as these colors help create a better bond between you and your partner because these colors are the sign of true love, but these colors are used only if the bedroom is in the South, South East, and South southeast zones. 

But never use deep red or other dark colors in your bedroom. Decide the bedroom color based on which zone or direction the bedroom is located. 

Living room colors as per Vastu Shastra

A living room is an area where the whole family stays together and spends time with each other. We can spend the most time with family, so this part of every home should be filled with positive energy and good vibes. 

The living room should be in the Northeast and East Zone/ directions as the East zone is the zone of social connections. The colors for the living room walls are serene white, healing green, or soothing blue if present in these zones mentioned above. These colors symbolize positivity and good energies and keep the negative energies away from your family time.

Kids room colors as per Vastu Shastra

We all love our kids and always want to provide the best things for them. When it comes to our little ones, we think about everything like their education, career, clothes, and every little but can we ever think how the bedroom’s color can impact our kid’s life? Yes, it’s true. 

The colors of our kid’s room should be in the light shades of green and yellow because yellow symbolizes cheerfulness, joy, clarity. And green represents growth, balance. Kids need to focus on their studies. 

They go out for studies, so the best direction for the kid’s bedroom is the west and west zone/direction as this is considered the zone of studies. The colors to be used in these zones are white, yellow, gray, etc. 

Kitchen colors as per Vastu Shastra

Our kitchen has the power to turn raw vegetables and other key ingredients into excellent healthy food that gives us energy and makes us strong. 

The kitchen is the region of Agni. That’s why the kitchen should be in the southeast, south southeast, and south direction. According to Vastu, red, yellow, saffron, orange, and green because the green color symbolizes health and freshness.

Vastu recommends green marble or yellow Jaisalmer stone for kitchen slabs, and red marble can also be used in these three areas. Thus, saffron, orange, green, and red are the best colors for a kitchen. In the end, however, you must decide which color to use for your kitchen/kitchen slab based on your bar chart. 

Puja room colors as per Vastu Shastra

Pooja room is where we don’t think about worldly things and connect with God. We request that God fulfill our wishes, so this place should be in the northeast direction and be white, off-white, cream, neutral colors. White color represents purity, serenity, and peace. You can also add light blue and green colors to your pooja room. It can make you feel closer to God and helps you to focus on your prayer, not the world. So please avoid dark colors in your pooja room.

Main gate\Enterance

Main gate or entrance is the place that allows different kinds of energies to come in. Our main door should be in wood colors to attract positive energy towards it. Don’t opt for dark shades like deep blue, black for your main gate; dark colors attract negative energy in the home.


Bathroom should be in light colors like white, pale yellow, blue. Light colors bring positive energy. And don’t use dark colors in your bathroom because dark colors make space look smaller and attract negative energies.

Dining room

As everybody knows, the family that eats together stays together. You can have a more fantastic mealtime when you focus on the colors of your dining room. The best colors for the dining room are green, blue, pink, saffron, peach, and orange because these colors have positive and nature’s energy in them. These colors help to make your family mealtime happy, bind your family together and make your digestion better. You can also add these colors to your dining set or cutlery.

You should first determine where the occupants mainly come from, as well as what their Barnhart strengths are so that you can choose the best color. If you can’t do that, then you should choose neutral colors like cream, off-white, beige, etc. 

Let us know what is the color of your kitchen slab and the face direction of your home and we will share what will work best for you. 

Also, if any of your loved ones are building a new home or planning to paint their home for Diwali, share this article with them.

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