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Pragya Mishra

I have completed my Master Degree in Bio Technology. I heard to my inner voice a few years ago and started learning our ancient Vedic wisdom like Astrology and Vastu Shastra under the guidance of prominent Gurus. Since then my spiritual journey started. After achieving success in helping my relatives and friends in their problems, I have started to guide people in solving common issues of life such as health, wealth, job, carrier, marital issues and material success.

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We dispel doubts about Vastu and its practices in bringing fortunes to your homes. We provide simple, practical, effective, customized Vastu corrections/remedies in existing as well as newly built homes. Our solutions asks for any constructional changes in very rare cases. Our services consist of the following;

Basic Vastu Balancing of Existing homes

Basic Vastu Balancing of New Homes

Customized Vastu Solution according to One’s Horoscope

Commercial Vastu


What Clients Say About Me

Pragya is helping soul. In our first conversation itself she gave me valuable inputs. Wish you all success. 

CA. Priyanshi Tapadia Sikchi 

Business Coach

Pragya has passion to serve people who need to know which path to take to get success in life. She helps to focus on your goals and making the inbuilt space aligned with your Astro chart and without any constructional changes or if required only small changes are done to go a long way. She gives simple ideas and tools to stay positive and handle success and grab every opportunity.

Dr. Pallavi Maheshwari

Pragya is a very dedicated and knowledgeable Astro-vastu consultant. I truly admire her attitude to keep learning and mastering her skills. Her practical and solution-oriented approach to her subject really sets her apart and really brings about a positive impact. The way she connects with people makes her a person whom anyone will love working with. I wish her lots of success and happiness in her endeavours.

Shivangi Datar

Happiness Mindset Coach

a) Hello friends I am Dr Veena S Rai. Anesthesiologist by profession I had consulted Pragya for vastu. It was mesmerizing to see there are so many things to consider while planning your home and the depth of knowledge Pragya has and scientific reasoning behind every thing. Pragya is the one if you are searching for vastu consultation . She is the best and she gives simple remedies to correct the vastu defects in home. I loved her service. I highly recommend Pragya .

Dr. Veena S Rai


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